Training In The Park

Green Health Events organised two running training sessions in Christchurch Park in Ipswich for some fun and games before the Farmhouse Five 2017…

More than 40 ladies joined us altogether on bright and cheery Saturday mornings, with a mix of race participants as well as those who couldn’t make it on race day, but wanted to come along in any case.

The training sessions were great fun, and super little motivators for the forthcoming race!

Now, when we say ‘training sessions’, we don’t mean that we made the ladies running one mile repetitions as fast as they could, several hundred times over…nor did we flog them up and down hills until their knees buckled!

We taught some cheeky little tips and tricks to make running feel that bit lighter and brighter, as well as some superb technique ideas that the participants could try out at the Farmhouse Five 2017… Here’s a bit more about it (and don’t knock The Wiggle until you’ve tried it! ; )

Thanks to Anne Gould from WorkingWordz Media for the video (love the thumbnail! ; ) and to Jo Hopkins for the tremendous testimonial.