Two ends of a spectrum

Everything lies somewhere on a spectrum. And really, it’s only our own perspective that determines where we pitch ourselves on each spectrum and how much importance we place on that point!

I recently went to two yoga classes at the same place within a day of one another. Lucky old me – there was a great teacher, and I thoroughly enjoyed both classes. And here’s the thing – the first class was full to bursting with yogini’s who could tie knots in their knickers and still hold the scorpion! I, however, was not one of those uber-uber-flexible types and got stuck at the pants part (let alone venturing into scorpion! Google it to check out the posture…). This in itself was a jolly good lesson for me, to understand where I sat on that particular spectrum…

And then the second class was filled with a number of blossoming, enthusiastic yogini’s who were more at the outset of their yoga journey. Some had never met the postures before and others were unsure of how to move into some of them. At the end of the class, one woman came up to me and commented with a gracious appreciation at my flexibility. Of course this was a generous complement, and arguably, in this context, I was the uber-uber-flexible one!

So I mentioned the spectrum…along which we all lie somewhere. I also mentioned my challenges in the class the day before because no matter where we lie on the same comparable spectrum, we each have our own hurdles in that space (ref. the scorpion).

Being the barometer

We are our own comparison. We are the barometer against which we ought to be measuring ourselves…

Are we aiming to overcome our own challenges? Are we striving to be as good as we can be? Are we encouraging ourselves in the face of adversity? Can we rely on ourselves to go up to our currents limits and not push on recklessly (just because we think that we ought to be ‘up there’ and with competing with the best of them…?!?)? Can we do ourselves the greatest service and acknowledge our place on our spectrum…and gently, but deliberately, expand our own possibilities…with compassion and with grace and with a gentleness towards ourselves? Celebrating where we are today, everyday.

And if we wish to shift our location on any given spectrum, we only achieve this by consistent, persistent small steps in the direction in which we wish to go…

Apply ourselves, acknowledge, celebrate, apply ourselves, acknowledge, celebrate….

Here’s to one day becoming my very own scorpion (naturally, venom-free!).