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Run more efficiently and effectively, break the injury cycle and find freedom in your feet. Make positive changes and release untapped power into your running!


You & Your Running Technique

Movement Analysis Sessions

The Movement Analysis sessions are a 2-part, 1-1 analysis of your running with running movement specialist Dawn Meredith-Davies.

Working through a series of activities and adjustments based on natural running, we explore your running technique to enable you to run more easily, more efficiently and more effectively, and to connect to your running in an impactful way.

With video analysis and email feedback, personalised physiotherapy-based exercises to complement and support the running activities, and powerfully assist you to incorporate the movement patterns into your body.

Written and visual explanations of all of the exercises to go over and over for good…

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Here’s what one chap had to say after the sessions –

“After being a running for more than 20 years, with the impressions that I did not need to learn anything about running, some issues with my feet made me think differently and I decided to join Dawn’s Movement Analysis Sessions. It was great, and gave me additional forward momentum and the feeling how to run with less impact!” AZ, German


Running Video Analysis

If you really really like the sound of improving your running technique, but don’t live locally, Dawn offers online Running Video Analysis.

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Accessing Running Magic 5-Week Course

Liberate more from your running! A small-group course for runners who wish to improve their running! We delve into every aspect of your running, and translate these into more powerful running, helping you to reach your goals, and do so without pushing harder and harder… With the main aim being to enjoy discovering different and beneficial ways to move and to have some fun exploring along the way! : )


“Makes such a difference to how you feel when you run, with immediate effect.”


Access Your Running Magic here.


NB. This course will be rearranged when we’re all able to get-together again. In the meantime, stay safe, and Stay Connected so that we can let you know when Accessing Running Magic is, well. up and running again!


The 21 Day Holistic Running Health Immersion

Upgrade your running from home! Immerse yourself to support your running from the ground up – 21 days of daily emails with supportive, gentle practices to take your running up to the next level, from the inside out.

The ‘Immersion’ takes place twice a year… Click here to be the first to know when it’ll be up and running again!





Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching

Highly personalised in-person coaching to meet your needs and aspirations, and to guide you up and over the hurdles to getting there. Accessible, action-oriented in-person support for an empowered version of health and goal achievement.

Find out more and powerfully achieve your goals!

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what one client had to say…

“Dawn’s approach was different. Dawn first wanted to fully understand who I am, where I was coming from – what are my drives – and where I was heading. Not only physically, but also mentally, so the whole picture. I think that approach, which I absolutely loved, is unique and in the end has made a big impact on me.

“The training and tips from Dawn have undoubtedly made a big impact on my running, but somehow also positively impacted how I look at certain things, my overall well being, awareness and approach to life (including from a food and drinks/alcohol perspective). I am a numbers & data guy, live and trust the information from my Garmin watch, but Dawn has made me realize that if you carefully listen to your body you actually get the same or even better information.”

Read more about Sebastiaan’s experience with coaching here


Don’t live locally?! 

Dawn offers Online Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching to support you from afar.

Book an Exploratory Call and let’s chat over what you’re looking to achieve, and how Dawn can help you.




Dawn’s Running Audios, Articles & Ebooks

EBOOK – The Road To Becoming A Better Runner: How To Change Injuries Into Your Best Running Champion

‘How can running be good for me when I’m always getting injured?!’ A line uttered by so many runners…

There’s a common connection that binds all us all, which, when we understand and overcome it, will make us a better runner.

Join Dawn Meredith-Davies in her ebook, unravelling over 10 years of clinical time studying running from a movement and holistic physiotherapy perspective, on The Road To Becoming A Better Runner: How To Change Injuries Into Your Best Running Champion

It’s not quite what you might expect…

Download the ebook here now.


AUDIO – How To Motivate Yourself To Go Running…Every Time!

3 Essential But Unexpected Tricks to keep you motivated… Honestly, you won’t want to leave home without them! ; )

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ARTICLE – This Simple Trick To Transform Your Running 

Running offers us the ultimate opportunity to find connection – with our body, with our running chums…with the earth and nature, with the changing seasons and sometimes with the tumultuous weather!

The freedom and motion can help us work through the trials and tribulations of life, allowing us to shift our tensions. Running empowers us to overcome our hurdles (although it can create just as many at times!).

And it asks more and more of ourselves in a time, space and place where we didn’t know more could be found…

Running is a way to transform our life. But sometimes we need to transform our running…

The Simple Trick To Transform Your Running is revealed…