Essential Downloads

Reading and writing – two of life’s little pleasures – add in a spot of viewing time, and you’re all set. Welcome to Dawn’s virtual shelf full of essential ebooks and videos…


Essential ebooks

The Road to Becoming a Better Runner: How To Change Injuries Into Your Best Running Champion


Essential watching


The Essential Guide to PhysioYoga will be here very soon!


There are plenty more ebooks and videos on their way to support your ongoing running, yoga and health exploits! Stay connected to have the first glimpse of new releases…


Words and words and words (and a few moving pictures too)

When I come to think about it, I’ve always written; I’ve always loved writing. A had a short flirt with being a journalist when I was young in fact (that’s not – “I had a short flirt with a journalist” – by the way….although it’s possible that happened too!? ; )

For me, assimilating all that I’ve learnt on this physio journey and other, to understand our wonderful connected self – and then sharing it! – is the whole point of a life’s work.


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