Fitness & Health Coaching

Whole-person, action-oriented & accessible coaching focussed on you and your sporting or health goals.


Have You Got A Sporting Goal Or A Health-Based Target?

Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching

Highly personalised in-person coaching to meet your needs and aspirations, and to guide you up and over the hurdles to getting there.

With a wealth of knowledge and resources at your disposal in a broad range of the interconnected elements of striving for a goal, Dawn tailors the in-person sessions and support so that you get to unfold your fullest ambitions.

We get there by exploring 4 key areas – the physical self and exercise, your optimal energy expenditure for your profile, as well as nourishment and daily essentials and perhaps most importantly, mindset, motivation and awareness.


Find out the specifics of Whole Person Fitness & Health Coaching and powerfully achieve your goals!


Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what one client had to say…

“Dawn’s approach was different. Dawn first wanted to fully understand who I am, where I was coming from – what are my drives – and where I was heading. Not only physically, but also mentally, so the whole picture. I think that approach, which I absolutely loved, is unique and in the end has made a big impact on me.

“The training and tips from Dawn have undoubtedly made a big impact on my running, but somehow also positively impacted how I look at certain things, my overall well being, awareness and approach to life (including from a food and drinks/alcohol perspective). I am a numbers & data guy, live and trust the information from my Garmin watch, but Dawn has made me realize that if you carefully listen to your body you actually get the same or even better information.”

Read more about Sebastiaan’s experience with coaching here


Don’t live locally?! 

Dawn offers Online Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching to support you from afar.

Book an Exploratory Call and let’s chat over what you’re looking to achieve, and how Dawn can help you.