Meredith-Davies Physiotherapy

An holistic physiotherapy approach to achieve powerful, lasting, natural health. Holistic physiotherapy to really get to the bottom of why you’re having the issues that you’re experiencing.


“I have been delighted with the treatment…The results have been immediate and long lasting.” LB, British


Meredith-Davies Physiotherapy

In Isolation but in Pain?

If you’re experiencing physical pain right now, and you’re stuck at home and unable to visit a physiotherapist in person, I can offer Physiotherapy Consultations over Skype or Zoom.

It’s not just about ‘giving you exercises to do’ either…

Drawing on over 10 years of clinical experience, using honed analysis of movement patterns as well as powerful listening skills, it’s possible to unravel the reasons why you’re in pain and to work together, albeit separately, to release the ‘stuckness’ from the system. And this can happen online – there is no need to remain in pain over this period…

Consultations last 50-60 minutes and Dawn’s ethos is to get you up and running (literally or other!) as soon as possible…

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The Power of Physiotherapy

With a over decade of experience, Dawn specialises in relieving painful soft tissue, promoting healing and restoring positive and pain-free movement patterns after injury.

She uses an integrated and holistic treatment approach to ease away pain and discomfort, and combines her knowledge and passion about natural health to assist in creating lasting change that reaches beyond the symptoms. Dawn’s practice focuses on treating what is and what isn’t moving and addressing the underlying reason why, to alleviate pain.

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Work with Dawn

If your pain is not resolving, or perhaps you’re experiencing recurring episodes of a similar issue, and you’d like to resolve the pain once and for all. Or perhaps you’ve already been to see various practitioners, but with no lasting impact on your symptoms, it’s possible you need a slightly different approach to relieving your pain.

This is what Dawn can offer…


“I highly recommend Dawn as a therapist. Dawn has a wealth of knowledge, fantastic approach and will make you feel totally at ease.” GC, British


When there’s something stuck in the system and causing you ongoing pain, you may well need help to unstick the underlying cause. All of the manipulating, and pushing and pulling of the body alone may well not get you there! It can help, but sometimes it will only be a temporary measure – you may well need to understand why the pain is present in the first instance so that you can work on releasing the ‘stuckness’. And so move forward with renewed comfort and ease.


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Some more warm words from previous clients:

“I have loved the unconventional way that you practice and found our chats really beneficial. The holistic nature of your practice opened my mind to other pressures that contributed to my physiotherapy needs. The way you engaged connected me to stuff that I had learnt about myself and forgotten!” RH, British


“I suffer from chronic mastectomy pain syndrome. Prior to my treatment with Dawn, I had constant pain and discomfort in my ribs below my mastectomy. Also I had pain in and around my axilla, which was also constant. I even had my implant removed after two years to see if that would help, but the pain and discomfort did not cease.

“Since having treatment with Dawn, I am now much more comfortable in all areas, and my husband and I think I am a new woman! Dawn’s treatment is gentle with a clear understanding of my needs.” MA, British


“After 4 months off running with a painful knee, my winter tri season was in doubt. In just a few weeks, Dawn had me running again and my training was back on track.

“Dawn’s holistic approach to (and extensive knowledge of) the body combined with her insights as an athlete mean that she provides a service above and beyond a standard physio. Dawn is also a super nice person and great to chat about all kinds of topics…Many thanks Dawn!” TC, British