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Combining in-depth physiotherapy knowledge with the power of yoga and the breath. Yoga with Dawn combines in-depth physiotherapy knowledge with the power of yoga to help you create freedom and flow both on and off your mat!


Yoga with Dawn

May’s Live Online Classes – ‘Building Resilience’

Online Yoga Classes With Dawn take place on Tuesdays & Fridays at 7.30am UK Time / 10.30am Local Time (GMT +4). Live Zoom classes will last 75 minutes and will start Tuesday 5th May.

The theme for May will be ‘Building Resilience’ – and that doesn’t ‘just’ mean physical strength and power! – it refers to preparedness of our mental, our physical and our emotional selves, so that we enhance our ability to bring ourselves back to centre when we’re knocked off track and hone our fortitude in being able to stand firmly in dependable habits.

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Building Resilience



“Just to say thank you for the yoga sessions which I really enjoyed. I found your style of teaching & the actual exercises really beneficial.” JG, British


Yoga with Dawn Workshops 2020

This year’s calendar of workshops has been interrupted, but here’s a look back at what we got up to earlier in the year –


Reground Yourself – February


New Awakenings- January


Just like everyone else – we’re looking forward to more soon!


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Yoga Articles and Ebooks

Writing Writing Writing

Dawn is a Contributor Writer for – Europe’s largest online studio.

Click here to read her ‘Anatomy of the Spine’ tour and other series of articles


And her ebook – Marrying Yoga to Running – is on its way soon!


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Don’t forget to check out the essential Living Green Health Blog (and check out the Yoga & Movement category) where Dawn talks about all aspects of integrating yoga (& movement!) into our lives…

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Combining Physiotherapy and Yoga

Physiotherapy and yoga…

Go together like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong…together forever like…

A perfect match indeed.

Physiotherapy snapshots to understand the body…yoga to move it, move it. Yoga to help us become long and strong…physiotherapy to get a grasp on how that’s going to enhance our movement, our activities, our health. Yoga to breathe, physio to help us see how the breath can change our stress and change our lives.

Physiotherapy to get you out of a pickle….yoga to keep you there.

Yoga with Dawn combines more than 15 years on the mat and a decade of physiotherapy experience so that you get to enhance your inner strength, positively influence your posture, be challenged, as well as relax…

…so that you can find freedom and mobility in your sport, your running, and your day to day.


Living Green Health’s take on adding yoga into your life (and your running-life!)

All movement stems from the trunk, from our core.

To support our limbs and to provide an effect support, the core needs to be strong, yet supple. Free-flowing movement arises, which dissipates the loads of all movement, around a pelvis which has mobility, rather than ‘stability’.

Strong, yet supple. The Flowing Core – it’s more about mobility than stability!


Some very generous words from clients

“Dawn’s positive attitude and energy is infectious. She willingly shares her depth of knowledge about the human body and always encourages her students to bring consciousness to their movements during lessons. Her knack of bringing something new to each class has kept me engaged and interested week after week.

“Yoga classes with Dawn have helped me to bring more awareness to my body. I can see and feel the results from attending regular classes which have improved my muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

“Dawn is an inspirational practitioner and motivating teacher. I highly recommend Dawn as a yoga teacher and look forward to many more yoga lessons!” JS, South African


“As you get older it’s easy to assume that physical decline is inevitable and dramatic. After taking part in Dawn’s Core Course, I’m now persuaded that it IS still possible to maintain balance, strength and flexibility. The course was an ideal combination of tuition and encouragement, and above all it was fun.” PR, British


“Thank you for your lovely yoga sessions – I really enjoyed them. It has been wonderful – a weekly treat” CC, British