When Earth Meets Metal

Are you the kind of person who likes to learn more about what they’re engaged in, to try to become as effective and as efficient as possible?

It’s a great time of year for assimilating all that the year has shown us so far, and for reaping the benefits and fine-tuning the processes…and that’s because we’re transitioning from late summer and the equinox (or the ‘Earth’ part of the Chinese Medicine model of the elements) and into autumn (or ‘Metal’ – which always seems like a curious analogy for autumn!), and as such we naturally tend towards these habits – learning and processing.


When Earth Meets Metal

The Earth energy is about slowing down after the activity of summer (or the ‘Fire’ element), and during this time we might settle down and ask ourselves if we’ve understood the lessons so far from the year, and what we can learn. Whereas Metal energy is about harvesting the fruits of our labour (and, arguably about ingesting the trace elements – or metals…); the crops are ripe for the picking and we need to introduce efficiencies to take stock and streamline our input processes for optimal output.

Of course, we’re not quite at winter (the ‘Water’ period) when we naturally turn inwards to rejuvenate – there’s still plenty of work that can be achieved before the year is out!


Perfect Timing at a Perfect Pace

Which is why now is a perfect time to join the Accessing Running Magic Online Course this October! (If you’re a runner, that is…) And that’s because we wholly look at the optimal movement patterns for creating powerful and effective efficiencies in our running to unleash our greatest potential (and that perfect pace!).

No matter how long you’ve been running you can make subtle, supported shifts which will generate a significant impact for you!

On the course, as well as the revealing the foundations of optimal movement for running, we consider our running from every aspect. Over the course of 5 weeks, you will –

  • Fully reveal the hidden power from your running body
  • Be wholly supported to create the movement patterns to unleash your fullest potential
  • Deeply connect to the breath and foster a positive relationship with your breathing when running
  • Enhance caring for your running body from pre-run to post-run (and beyond!)
  • Specifically address female issues around running and your cycle
  • Rev up your motivation no end and apply a wealth of race tactics to help up the game!

Plus you’ll be fully supported from start to finish both with the Live Calls as well as through the vibrant community also accessing their running magic : )

Powerful insights during the dark nights…

Accessing Running Magic Online brings together physiotherapy knowledge, a specialism in movement patterns for running and powerful insights and yoga practices to transform your running from the ground up!

And it’s taking place during a really powerful time of year as well for making progress – and doubly so as the clocks will have just changed, and it’s going to offer you huge amounts of motivation to get out and play, when the nights really start to draw in…


Tell Me More!

The Accessing Running Magic Online Course starts on Saturday 26th October 2019, and EARLY BIRD RATES are available until Midnight on Wednesday 16th October. Don’t miss out on this superb time of year to really drive some powerful efficiencies into your running!


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