When We Look Back

What will we think when we look back on this time? Undoubtedly we’ll see that it was a pivotal year leading to shift…and on lots and lots of levels.

Clearly we’ve all been affected in some way by the restrictions imposed upon us this year. Some have had life-changing circumstances arise. Some will have lost loved ones.

It is likely though that the overriding reflection that we will ultimately have of this year is that we were duped…that what we were led to believe was not actually true.

This sits on one fundamental level (and then everything else reverberates off this accordingly) – that how we believe health – or conversely illness – is realised, is not how we have been conditioned to think. And certainly not how it has been portrayed in this year’s episode.

Hold this thought for a moment, because it’s most important to mention that the overarching ramification of this is that what the governments have been implementing is not only consequently causing a tremendous amount of devastating and very painful collateral damage (isolation, people dying alone, let alone the enormous impact this is having – and will continue to have – on the lives of those who run businesses, and the greater sphere of the economy), but they are also – deliberately, seemingly – covering up ways in which to wholly support ourselves. (It’s not through the wearing of masks by the way…)

Digging deeper

Let’s dig deep into how health really is maintained. Firstly, it’s imperative to mention that our natural inclination is health. It’s not something that, ultimately, we should be working at because nature functions in balance, and balance is the default setting. Harmony, co-operation, vitality, proliferation… This is the model which pertains to humans (no different to anything else on the planet) and this is true for our individual as well as collective health.

So what’s gone wrong? Why are unbelievably sick as a society? And, what are the implications for the year’s events? And ultimately, what do we do about it?

What’s gone wrong?

In a nutshell, a model of disease has infiltrated our culture which is erroneous. Its premise is fundamentally flawed, and the ramifications are huge.

To a large extent, we believe that we’re at war – pretty much constantly – and we have to ‘fight’ all the potential threats – germs, pathogens, and this year, a pernicious virus (which we’ll see is not the cause of the dis-ease) – in order to maintain our health. As the belief goes, we have to be at war (‘fighting’ cancer, ‘fighting’ the virus*) so that we don’t become ‘ill’ and so that we keep disease at bay.

*We always need to be ‘fighting’ something according to the governing bodies – disease, ‘drugs’, terrorists… War of all descriptions turns out to be a good money spinner though, that’s probably why.

Back on track with what’s gone wrong – disease and ill-health do not manifest because of some hazardous pathogen on the outside, just waiting to target the latest unfortunate host.

Dis-ease and illness are the result of a build-up of toxins within the system, and when the body tries to purge the toxicity, we experience symptoms. Remember, the body wants to come back to balance. It is such an extraordinary self-healing instrument, and its every endeavour is to bring to the body back to a homeostatic state.

The symptoms that we experience – and call, being ‘ill’ – are the by-product of the body’s system working to reinstate health. These symptoms are not illness itself. They are, though, a sign that the internal environment of the body is out of kilter, that there is a state which is out of ease, or put otherwise, which is in a state of dis-ease. (Our language is incredibly powerful in punctuating a deeper conscious reality of our experience.)

Ill-health stems from an internal environment which is interfering with the usual, health-full operating of the interconnected systems.

Toxicity isn’t only ingested noxious substances. It is also a build-up of cellular inflammation and additionally on the cellular level, ‘toxic’ emotions which may prevent the right functioning of the cells. That our emotions are created on a cellular level was uncovered during the 1970s (through the work of Dr Candace Pert) and the understanding neuropeptides, their ubiquitous nature and their role in cellular function.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at these three examples of the toxic environment leading to dis-ease:



Ingested or absorbed substances which build-up in the body either because of high levels which cannot be processed out in a timely way (perhaps also because there are insufficient levels of the essential building blocks to support the processes – see point two) and thus they accumulate. You only have to look at the ‘accepted’, but actually noxious products that infiltrate our homes – ‘food’ products full of preservatives and additives, or injected with hormones; grown foods covered in synthetic chemicals or absorbed by the plant – pesticides and fertilisers; enormous quantities of toxic chemicals in household cleaning products – from laundry products to loo cleaner to ‘anti-bacterial spray’ to bleach (does the smell not give away their toxicity?!); known toxic chemicals covering over household cooking products (Teflon and its offshoots), chemicals used in ‘hygiene’ products – shampoos, soaps, and make-up (if you’re so inclined), let alone the synthetic toxic chemicals that form medications…

Sincerely, our lives have become inundated with toxic products. And because these ‘conveniences’ and the like have evolved over time – almost insipidly – they are ‘simply’ accepted as part and parcel of normal life and thus we barely bat an eyelid about them. But are they really ‘normal’ when we stop and think for even just a short moment?


The second example of a build-up of toxicity – or internal environmental pollutants, or interference to normal cell function, if it’s easier to digest – which builds up over time is cellular inflammation, which is a result of free radical build-up and / or related electro-magnetic corruption.

The premise here is that we are electro-magnetic in nature. We all are; we operate in an electromagnetic system. We have to look no further than lightning, the Northern Lights, and jetlag to see that the world is electrical – and all systems within it – and when we go against the fundamentals of these principles (ie that our circadian rhythm is inextricably linked to the electromagnetics of the planet), and disturb our internal balance, we experience the consequences (in this inference, jetlag).



Going on a tangent for a moment, all the natural processes of our internal bodily systems produce waste products. And again, we know this! It’s why we go to the loo and it’s why we exhale – there are by-products of all of our internal processes and we have to eliminate them from our body to remain in balance.

Some of these are more self-evident than others – and certainly when our bowels are not functioning well, we know about it! – but other processes which produce by-products are less evident and as such, we barely give them a moment’s notice. Namely, a by-product of cellular respiration (all cell function) are free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable cells stripped of an electron.

But, funnily enough, ‘nature’ has an in-built way of neutralising these unstable cells, and this is by the absorption of anti-oxidant agents. Anti-oxidants release an electron to the free radicals to stabilise the cell again. Anti-oxidants either come in the form of the micronutrients from our food supply, or in the form of the transference (absorption) of free electrons from the electromagnetic field located within the earth (which is supplied by those lightning strikes by the way). This relies on us being in direct contact with the bare earth to benefit from this natural balancing mechanism in nature (which is a part of our problem, seeing as we rarely are).

Cellular inflammation is such an enormous problem in our society, and together with internal environmental toxicity, is responsible for (among other dis-eases) cardiovascular disease, obesity, auto-immune diseases and cancers. (It’s quite a suggestion; it’s quite a problem.)

A large part of the problem is that we’re consuming too many inflammatory foods (processed sugar – simple carbohydrates, essentially – and also dairy and meat), not consuming sufficient anti-oxidant rich foods (leafy greens, and other veg, especially colourful – orange, red and purple – veg), our food stuffs have been corrupted of their abundance of the good stuff (home-grown tomatoes versus supermarket ones?!?); plus we receive our foods long after they’ve been harvested – after being transported, stored and refrigerated – hence their essential qualities of life being long leached out of them. But, and one of the biggest issues is that we are almost completely insulated from the natural rebalancing effects of directly connecting, regularly, repeatedly and for long periods, to the earth and her electromagnetic field.

Being inside, or when outside, constantly wearing synthetic-soled shoes has insulated us from the earth’s healing capacity over the last 50-60 years in a way that is having devastating consequences collectively and on our individual health.

It’s tragic. And yet it’s been another insidious practice which has just become a normal way of life.


More interference

What’s more, we are absolutely surrounded by electrical interference from our appliances – from our satellite tv to our wifi and our ‘smart’ phones.

This interference is invisible, yet it’s perpetuating accumulating damage to our systems, which are quite extraordinarily robust!, but which require balance to function. The system has to be pretty out of balance, and often for a long period of time to show symptoms (or be poisoned in a large dose, and hence the symptoms materialise swiftly).

It’s really very possible that the current situation in the world has unfolded as a result of increases in the electrical interference recently introduced into our environment. Sounds crazy – because almost everyone else is talking about some ‘virus’ which has taken grip on the world.

Before we unpick this one about viruses, let us also look at the recent – global – events in the last 6-12 months. The atmosphere has been subjected to waves of a new technology being rolled out – 5G. Now of course this has been banded about a lot over these last months – especially early on – and has been dismissed, ridiculed, assigned to ‘one of those laughable conspiracy theories’. And of course it has – our default setting in the face of something which goes against our preconceived notions is to shun it. But against a backdrop of comprehending a lack of health as the presence of toxins and environmental pollutants, if we are going to be brazen enough to think that electrical interference does not have an impact on our health, then we’re missing the whole point about how to be healthy.

Of course, though, if taken out of this context (but deeply entrenched in the idea of germs cause illness), suggesting something like technology to be the cause of the current health crisis does sound ludicrous…

But what’s more, if we look back at all of the ‘epidemics’ or pandemics of the Twentieth Century, they either coincide with developments of electrical technology being unfolded or with conditions of extreme insanitary conditions (the historical reason for dis-ease throughout the western world – largely water supplies contaminated with sewerage). How long does a story have to keep repeating itself before there’s a cause and effect noted?

If we continue to ignore these, granted intangible, but very real effects on our system, then we’re keeping our heads well and truly in the sand. (Which ironically, if we literally did that we might help neutralise the issues of cellular inflammation. What an irony!)

But seriously, hasn’t our collective health suffered enough at the helm of corrupted and corruptible systems – which we’ve deemed ‘normal’…or even, progress?! Aren’t we unbelievably – and sadly, unnecessarily – sick as a society?


Let’s go back to viruses though, and unpick this idea. Particles called ‘viruses’ are non-living. (This has been banded about everywhere recently, right?) And it’s also been asserted that they only become ‘destructive’ when they ‘find a host’. There is one fundamental flaw with this: where else in nature does anything go from being ‘non-living’ to living? A rock? No. A piece of glass? No. Any single particle in the natural world? No.

Some things go from being ‘dormant’ to re-vitalised – the trees for instance after winter. But this ‘novel’ virus hasn’t been talked about being dormant, it’s categorically been labelled ‘non-living’, which means ‘inert’. It doesn’t have the apparatus for life, and although it is argued that it hijacks those components of the host cell, how it actually gets there is not explicitly discussed (except, ‘through inhaling them’).

(Bacteria though, are living. They also are essential to the correct functioning of all life. And yet have been attributed, spuriously, to causing dis-ease – time after time. Bacteria appear in the presence of damage tissue, because one of their main roles is to break down the dead cells for the particles to be reused – they are the organisms of recycling, not disease – so it’s no wonder that they’re found in the presence of dis-ease. The pathogen model is simply inaccurate; what we need to wage ‘war’ on is not bacteria – or viruses – but toxicity in our environment.)

It’s suggested that this virus exists on surfaces – for days and days just waiting for an unlucky host to well, barely touch it, so that it can attack. But this is model is not correct. They may well have been ‘detected’ on surfaces – probably because they are expelled through the respiratory system (as a function of exhaling the detritus of toxin removal – which is what the particles called ‘viruses’ are: a piece of DNA, or RNA housed in a protein capsule – so again it’s not surprising that they’re found in location coincidental to dis-ease), and all particles released by the respiratory system will find themselves on surfaces if we continue to breathe (it is one of our waste removal systems, as mentioned above).

The model is wrong because particles named ‘viruses’ are the result of the death of toxic cells (not the cause of them). The body destroys damaged or mal-functioning cells on a daily basis! (Surely we register that this happens – our entire body’s collective of cells is said to regenerate every 7 years; the gut lining renews itself every 3 days purportedly! What’s more, cells of the body will opt to die in the presence of tissues damage – a process call apoptosis – where, for instance if you burn yourself, neighbouring tissue cells are programmed to ‘die’ in order to save the surrounding healthy tissue.

In the case of viruses, they are particles of genetic material; the by-product of the destruction of a toxic cell. What’s more, no ‘virus’ (this year’s one included) has ever been ‘scientifically’ proven to cause disease, nor shown to cross ‘infect’ people – another widely covered over anomaly which indicates the story we have been led to believe is not true.


It seems too fantastical to believe some of the above, not least as our entire belief system about ill-health (and how we’re individually and collectively living our lives) needs to be updated accordingly. This affects, well, everything.

Not least that we are not being fed the truth. This is not to say that people haven’t experienced symptoms of dis-ease, some of which have led to their death. And they have not been fed anything which approximately supporting the body’s healing capacity (more of this shortly).


Alarm bells

Let’s keep going with this because it’s important to understand what’s actually happening, and why.

When people have been ‘tested’ to be positive and have no symptoms, does that not ring alarm bells for everyone? Not because they might be ‘carriers’, but because the presence of symptoms is what alludes to us being ill. We have been very, very cleverly manipulated in to believing something different, and fundamentally wrong.

(Let’s mention here that there are indeed genetic conditions for which people can be ‘carriers’ – but they are not ill! Only if, in the genetic expression of their offspring, which of course relies on a partner carrier too – will the offspring demonstrate the symptoms of the condition.)

This term seems to have been conveniently adopted – so that we’re all fearful in case we cross paths with a ‘carrier’ – and for the purposes of controlling the people to remain in their homes. A double travesty for health, as we’ll see.)

Who’s ill

Let’s look at who has been ill, and the categories of people who have sadly, and possibly preventably died.

It must also be expressed that it is extremely sad that anyone becomes ill – it’s not our natural state of being. ‘I’m sorry to hear that you’re ill’ ought to be heartfelt! For a person to die as a result of imbalance in the body is incredibly sad – but that it’s almost a given nowadays is the ultimate sadness. Notwithstanding that we will all die.

And it has been a travesty that large numbers of people have died due to ill-health this year.

Fundamentally, those who have been ill are those who have pre-existing ‘dis-eases’, or have high levels of cellular inflammation – broadly speaking those with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and or obesity.

Plus those over a certain age are largely those who have perished as a result of being ill.

It’s very clear, 6 months or so on, that the statistics are showing these are the categories of people who have been sick (and yet, everyone is now firmly under the governmental and media spell that the ‘virus’ is a pernicious threat to everyone).

Why those with underlying cellular inflammation – and its various expressions of dis-eases – should be clear from above; their system is so out of kilter that it cannot rebalance itself under the current overload of additional toxicity.

And the elderly? Well, as we all comprehend, the body has a lifespan and its functioning deteriorates over time (most people call this aging, but time – and how we use it – is a better gauge of this). For the elderly population who, as a function of time, have been exposed to a greater accumulation of toxins internally, plus their systems are slowing down – they’re not processing the effects of toxins with the same vigour, and in addition – also as a function of time – if they haven’t been consuming necessary amounts of the micronutrients which the body needs to optimally function and over a long period of time, this will have a greater impact on the body’s ability to bring the system into a state of health. And then add in the tragically noxious effect of use of medications, and extrapolated that over a long period of time, and you start to see why the older population have been fundamentally susceptible.

Yes, the elderly population are most vulnerable to toxicity. And consequently, the latest round of atmospheric electrical interference is having a greater – and ultimately devastating – impact on the elderly.


Before we look at the third source of toxicity in our systems, let’s look at the symptoms of this latest episode.

It’s important to note that there is a range of symptoms that people have been experiencing – from fever, to a cough, to a loss of the sense of smell – and yet not ‘one set’ of symptoms that everyone suffers. Surely if there were one disease, there would be one set of symptoms. (So why is there a series of symptoms which a person may or may not experience? We’ll look at some reasons below)


The symptoms that we’re seeing

Fever is result of the body purging toxins. Purging through the skin – our two-way permeable organ which releases toxins all the time, but which also has the ability to absorb. The sweats of a fever are the body trying to sweat out the impurities.

(Supressing a fever with ‘medication’ is approximately the worst thing that we can do. Allowing the system to purge what it needs to is the mechanism which it uses to come back to health.)

A cough is an additional means of forcing the release of toxins, through another of the body’s means of eradicating waste material – the respiratory system.

Loss of a sense of smell – a well-known symptom of insufficient levels on zinc in the body.

(Notwithstanding that respiratory issues – pneumonia – or issues with other systems, including the cardiovascular system, have been prevalent for some.)


Rebalancing the imbalance

So let’s look more closely at what a loss of a sense of smell has got to do with what we’re really seeing here.

When the body is trying to rebalance an imbalance (a state of dis-ease) in the body, it uses the available building blocks required to do the rebalancing act. So for instance, if the body is using up its supply of zinc for the processes involved in the rebalancing of the internal toxic environment, and say, its supply is generally low (poorly supplied over a period of time from food), then once the available supply is exhausted, the symptoms that you experience outwardly of a deficiency of zinc, are a loss of a sense of smell.

A loss of a sense of smell is not a symptom of the ‘virus’; it’s a symptom of zinc deficiency in the body.

It’s no surprises then, that the ‘alternative’ protocol (meaning not pharmaceutically-driven, governmentally-pushed protocol) – which are working in assisting the body to right itself back to health in this recent episode – include zinc supplementation.

Also included are Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Magnesium. (Steroids are also indicated at a certain period in critical cases to support the adrenal function which becomes exhausted in the aftermath of countering the toxic internal environment – during the ‘cytokine storm’ – and struggles to produce sufficient cortisol to process this. This is in severe cases by the way.)

Our ‘indoor’ lifestyles are unbelievably devastating to the natural balance in the body. There is a receptor for Vitamin D on every single cell in the body – it’s that important to the functioning of every system in the body – hence why being outside (our natural state) is imperative, and hence why vast swathes of us are deficient in Vitamin D.

Vitamin C has functions in numerous systems in the body (as have all micronutrients; this is the marvel of the complex, interconnected systems of the body – and why synthetic ‘medicines’ corrupt the body with its ‘side effects’ – because they are not targeted and therefore act of many systems concurrently, and detrimentally). Vitamin C acts in the immune system, it readily offers up an electron to neutralise oxidative stress (and its ‘free radicals’), but it’s also the foundation of the formation of collagen – the base material responsible for all tissues, including the vessels of the cardiovascular system.

Supply the body with adequate supplies of Vitamin C and it will simply remain healthy.

Supply the body with adequate supplies of Vitamin C to someone who is ill and has a system that is depleted – has used up its reserves, or was deficient at the outset – and the body will heal itself accordingly.

Magnesium and Zinc work optimally in conjunction with one another.


An updated story

Extrapolate out the ideas here – if a person is deficient is particular building blocks then they will experience symptoms accordingly – and hence, in a global environment where we’ve been exposed to new electromagnet interference, the variety of symptoms that people are demonstrating are reflective of the systems of their body which are deficient of the essential micronutrients. And hence why there is no one specific set of symptoms – because there is not one virus causing it. There is no virus causing our current influx of ill-health; there are simply variously depleted systems dealing with a new overload of environmental pollutants.

Unadulterated whole foods provide the essential building blocks for the systems of the body to work appropriately – what we’d call health. Which is why ‘Deep Health’ fundamentally comes from principles which sit around real and living whole food.

In the current working of the world, our food supply – and our associated activities of living – are so corrupted, that they are literally lining our systems with toxicity. And the global state of our health (before this year’s episode) demonstrates this. It’s not a radical idea when you open your eyes and look at it all in a different light.

Our model that illness and disease unfold as a result of pathogens ‘invading’ and ‘attacking’ us is and never was accurate*.

The updated story is that toxicity and deficiency leads to dis-ease and symptoms.

Toxicity causes the symptoms of dis-ease to show themselves; the essential building blocks of life – from whole foods – are the way in which to support the body back to balance. (Not to feed the body more and more toxins in the form of synthetical medications.)


*Read more at “What Really Makes You Ill?” By Dawn Lester and David Parker


Active censoring

There is active censoring of this information (and the significant research and studies showing the veracity of the above ideas) to the ‘general public’. Why? Because if the public were to realise that we need not live in fear of a pernicious, dastardly pathogen (or that the wearing of masks, social distancing or lockdown measures were simply governmental measures of control) and that a vaccine were not a way to manage it, how on earth would the pharmaceutical companies unfold their latest means of making literally huge sums of money?


Our third example of internal environmental pollution is emotional toxicity. Emotions refer to energy in motion; our emotions are supposed to come and go – we’re not supposed to hold on to them. When, though, there is no outward expression for the emotions, this leads to the cells receptors being unable to function appropriately. Over a prolonged period of time, this inability to function optimally will lead to the cells mal-functioning – the ‘symptoms’ of which we think are a disease to be labelled and ‘treated’. Work to remove, or release, the blockage and the cells can right themselves. Healing will happen.

Emotional blockages are why certain dis-eases – or at least, the symptoms from certain organs, or areas of the body – show up. They are showing up to help get our attention.


Read more at “The Molecules of Emotion” By Dr Candace Pert

The current state of the world

This year’s events have also shown up to get our attention. To bring our attention to the underlying, and stark reality of the dis-ease of the current state of the world that we’re living in.

These practices – although wholly disseminated from a governmental level (essentially being the spokesperson for the pharmaceuticals, which have been allowed to become uncomfortably cosy bed-fellows, as well as the big corporations – the petrochemical companies and big agriculture) – are bought into by us. We perpetuate the party-line by buying in, on lots of levels – as much because we’re not questioning the information that we’re told, but also because we want the conveniences that we think modernity has brought us. It turns out that the progresses of modernity have but brought us, and the rest of the planet and her inhabitants, a whole lot of pollution and toxicity.

Perhaps the first level of the problem which has to shift is in the power of these centralised bodies.



This year is all about shift – and on so many levels! We’re the ones with the power to demand a different version of life. It starts with us, but soon enough we will be asked to stand up and demand it for the collective as well…


By the way, those ‘asymptomatic’ people that we must be all wary of coming into contact with, let alone being one of them? Well, all of our systems have been exposed to and dealt with toxins at some point – the specific remnants of which may or may not be a ‘coronavirus’. The coronavirus which, of course, was first ‘identified’ 50 years ago or so… The only new thing here is the type of environmental pollutant which is affect the afflicted.