When Worlds Collide

At the beginning of the year, we looked at the incoming energies of the Chinese Year of the Metal Rat.

We talked about the year being of particular importance as we entered a new ‘metal’ cycle which will influence the coming 12 years. We talked about the Rat aspect being about an intense fast-moving year (could this have been any more understated?!), where resourcefulness would be paramount and where we would also see someone hoarding away – and of course these aspects have been particularly prevalent.

We talked about the essence of the metal energy, and how metal represents the autumn and the harvest; that we would be reaping what we have sown (and on the collective level, we truly are seeing the unfortunate fruits of our previously mindless consumerist ways…), but that it is time for sifting and sorting and for streamlining our processes – to purge what is no longer working for us, in order to enable new things to come to the fore; arguably lighter things.

The circumstances of the year have lead us to ascertain what’s no longer workable or sustainable, and we have, in many many ways been forced to forego some of these things: endless international travel for instance.

And the restrictions to ‘usual’ life have given us all time to sift and sort what we (materially) no longer require. No doubt mentally too. Invariably we’ve all been through the processes of streamlining…

The metal element governs two of the meridians of Chinese Medicine’s acupuncture – the Lungs and the Large Intestines. Interestingly, we have clearly seen the lungs and our respiratory system being affected this year… As for our Large Intestines – well, there was all of that hoarding of loo paper in the early part of the year, was there not?!


The grief of the lungs

The lungs signify grief, and invariably we have individually been through a process of grief (with or without the loss of a loved one). Grief is the process of letting go and it has clearly delineated phases – denial, anger, sadness, acceptance – and can’t we see how these phases have panned out for us all?

Collectively though too we’re seeing the process of a cycle’s necessary breakdown and letting go unfold too… Not just letting go of ‘how it was before’, but more, letting go of the way that we have been living which is simply not sustainable.

There’s no way it could continue in the same un-regulated rate of consuming, accumulating, raping and pillaging the earth with no regard for the finely interconnected nature of our wellbeing with hers.

In one sense we’ve been sifting and purging practices that are no longer sustainable, and yet in another sense we’ve been holding on to – hoarding – those that we’ve prioritised and remain important to us.

In one sense we’ve been reaping the fruits of our collective habits and in another sense we have already been sowing new seeds for what will unfold after the (metaphorical and literal) winter.


A different perspective

The concurrent backdrop to this Traditional Chinese perspective though has been the unfolding of the astrology in a Western perspective; which has offered its own way of explaining the patterns that we’ve seen unfolding…

Western astrology has discussed the significance of this year for a very long while. It has been demarked by a year-long transition of three outer planets (those which carry an enormous amount of clout!) battling their ways through the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the last of the signs in the zodiac and an earth sign. And endings lead to new beginnings – new beginnings in Aquarius and the air sign. The tension which has arisen this year is in the letting go of the old in order to let in the new, and again this is a process. (And one which has not yet finished, in truth!)

Capricorn signifies the order – and control – of top-down governance, and the tussles between governments and the masses have played out repeatedly all year… There is a sense in things falling apart, and of course whenever some body senses a loss of control, it invariably tightens its reigns.

Controlling the masses

This is of course what we’ve been seeing – the control of the masses, the restrictions, stamping all over civil liberties…and the pretext has been a pernicious ‘virus’. The overarching tactic has been one of fear-mongering propaganda amid confusion and deliberate misrepresentation; huge swathes of presented data do not support their repeated claims.

A mass (mess?!) of disputes in the background of the government house and we can see that the systems are falling apart! It is a sad and sorry sight to witness the flailing yet failing attempts to stamp authority when respect has been lost from the people, and it’s clearly time for a new model to emerge.


The unfolding process

And yet the process has to unfold itself. There’s always a battle of power, particularly from a body grasping at any means possible to maintain its grip, and face…

Mars has also been a key character in the unfolding of the year. Brash, action-oriented Mars has wanted to plough on ahead, and yet has been curtailed and curtailed over the second half of the year; haven’t we all wanted to ‘get on’ only to find our plans thwarted or frustrated? Perhaps to ensure that we take our time and make sure we don’t fall into the patterns of the past…?

What both of these models of understanding the world differently show us – the eastern models and less conventional western models – is that what is inevitable will unfold.

There is no other way. Life is perpetually in shift; the unceaselessness of motion is the signature of being – nothing in life stands still, ever. We’re all in perpetual flow…or otherwise in resistance of it.

Navigating our own waters

Our choice is in how we navigate the waters. We have the choice to make it hard for ourselves (essentially speaking we can be pretty resistance over change…sometimes it’s a good thing; if the change enforced upon us is clearly not with our best interests in mind), or we can seek a more swift root to the other side.

All of the tumult, certainly of the early part of the year, foiled us. We had very little no notion of up and down, left or right… But slowly, we surfaced from the wave that crashed over our heard, and in a process of clearing away the churned up water, we have found the route back to dry land.

The year has been a process; the year-long energies have been the signature tune for the start of the transition and what comes to pass will eventually come to pass. We’ve had to (been forced to?) let go of what is no longer working in the ways of the modern world; we’ve had the opportunity to take a deep look and although the unfolding of something more sustainable will take some more time (still some shifts continue in the heavens…!), all that happens on the surface is mere fluff and nonsense in many ways. (Notwithstanding that the ‘fluff and nonsense’ affects us all in this shift period, and incredibly so when it pertains to our livelihoods and our civil liberties and our interactions with our loved ones…)

The surface level events have in fact been a conduit for us. They have enabled each of us to go through our own required journey of letting go, re-focussing on our priorities and shifting into something different… And doesn’t this come with its own processing (and inevitably, pain…).

We have all had things come to the surface this year – as a function of the restrictions and limitations imposed upon us – things for us to deal with…

And although we’ve had a collective – a global experience – and the global scene has been affected; it is our individual journeys have consumed us, necessarily so, and forced us to grow…

Of course, individual energy forms the collective, but in actuality, our collective journey only just seems to have started.

We are going to be asked to step up, together, such that the new can wholly show itself, as the old structures will not give themselves up lightly…

Next steps

Irrespective, the next step will be to decide, together, whether we’re going to accept the current narrative and action from our governments; are we going to continue to accept being deliberately directed this way…?

Or are we going to respond to the collective uneasy feeling about all this, this unrest…? Are we going to come together, to step into our power – the power of the people – and demonstrate that we do not wish to be ‘governed’ like this; that this is not what we want for our future..

This will be the next phase for us; to have worked through what we’ve needed to work through individually, and now to turn our whole focus, together, on bringing about what we actually want to see.

And what is that?

Isn’t that for all to have the opportunity to thrive? To be autonomous. To be creative. To be healthy, naturally. To be stable and secure…and supported locally, in community…

To live in a harmonious relationship with nature…not raping and pillaging her.

And this transcends all areas of life – how we build things with our neighbours, the resources we (choose to) use, how we deeply consider ‘health’care (rather than the drug administration which constitutes the current system), how we’re feeding ourselves and the policies pertaining to all aspects of ecology, the environment and agriculture – how we’re supporting the earth; it relates to education and how the children are powerfully nurtured in their education…


These are the subjects with which we’re going to have to consume ourselves as these worlds continue to collide. To ask ourselves, down at our very core what we want to reveal for coming generations… And to make sure – to ensure ­–that these things come to pass. We will have to come together to see them unfold in, and for, our collective space.