Who’s Zooming Who?

I can’t help but quote a ‘fabulous’ 80s tune when it pops into my head, but really I mean, who’s supporting you?

Who’s supporting you while you’re supporting everyone else…being a partner, the children, the rest of your family, your friends, managing the household, organising everything and everyone, and being productive at work…?!

Who’s keeping you out of the water and happily dry on the rocks!?

And who’s helping you keep on track with the fitness or health goals that mean a lot to you…?

Or do they end up near to the bottom in the list of priorities? (Often dropping off the bottom as umpteen other things ‘take priority’….and we’ve only got so much mental energy to keep ourselves pepped up…)


Feeling restless?

Are you feeling restless to really get your teeth into something this autumn, and make it your target, and make it your own?

Are you itching to reach that goal that’s caught your attention and make it your achievement that you work towards and make yourself feel proud…?

If so, Dawn’s Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching is going to help get you there seamlessly!


In the west we have an isolating habit of thinking that we have to ‘go it alone’. Society has developed in a way that keeps us pretty much separated and it makes a thing about ‘asking for help’…

In the health world, by and large, we only ask for help when something ‘goes wrong’ or when we’re in pain…(even when, generally speaking, we know deep inside that our health is sub-par and that we need to do something about it, way before the big symptoms show themselves).

And in the sporting arena, we have the perception that only those who are at the top of their field deserve a coach… And that it must be super expensive to work with someone 1-1!


What if that’s all untrue?

What if the most powerful thing that you could do for yourself right now was to seek some support for you to meet your goal?

So that you can –

  • Carry on being Mum / Wife / Daughter / Employee and Chief-in-Charge of Dog Walking…not to mention the shopping and organising the household!?!
  • Sideline the mental effort onto someone else required to go the whole distance to reaching your goal, so that you can focus your energy instead into doing the activity that you want to be doing!
  • Side-step the procrastination game by having short-term, simple and achievable steps to take day by day…

And achieve the thing that’s really important for you to do, for you, right now.


What if it were surprisingly affordable to have such personal and personalised support as well?

And what if it were something that felt really good to know that in the background you’ve got someone who’s fully behind you and on your side, who cares that you make not only the progress that you dream of making, but ensuring that you surpass what you believe to be possible…

What if it sounds fantastic, but you’re worried that having a coach would be overwhelming – as if there will be way too much extra to do, and how will you fit it all in?! Well, here’s the thing –


  • Personalised coaching is about streamlining things for you. It’s about stripping away the layer upon layer of ‘what I could do’ and efficiently focusing your effort instead.
  • It’s about giving you the time to bounce-off your experiences, to experience the clarity involved in talking through experiences as well as hurdles. To be Numero Uno in the story and to receiving objective, supportive and productive ways to cut to the chase and to see things from a powerful different perspective…
  • It’s about making things more simple, not more complicated.


It’s also about extracting the thread of fun and lightheartedness out of the things that are precious and important to us…to keep all things in perspective, and enjoyable!


What’s possible for you?

What if you wholly felt that you deserved support – how would that change what’s possible for you…?

For September only you can book a FREE 30 minute Exploratory Call with Dawn – and she will actually Zoom you! – and start to explore what Whole-Person Fitness and Health Coaching could help you achieve.

In the call we discuss what you’re aiming towards, we begin to map out the ins and outs to get you there…

We start to build the picture of what it will take to achieve your goal – where you are right now – what’s good and what’s not so good, what the other pulls on your time and energy are, and what you’re doing right now…

And most importantly , you get to find out if 1-1 coaching with Dawn feels right for you…


If you’re serious about reaching your physical or wellbeing target, the Whole-Person Fitness & Health Coaching will enable you to be –


  • Wholly championed by a holistic health practitioner and physiotherapist to optimise your energy expenditure and capitalise on focusing on what your heart desires
  • Guided to reach depths of yourself that you didn’t know were possible
  • Overcome your own personal hurdles to purposefully achieve your goals
  • Having a lot of fun working towards your goal with someone who’s following your journey step by step…
  • And you’ll learn so much that you didn’t know that you didn’t know…


An in-depth look

We’ll take an in-depth look at the varied interconnected areas of life which are essential to realising our dreams – the physical self and exercise, your optimal energy expenditure for your profile, as well as nourishment and daily essentials and perhaps most importantly, mindset, motivation and awareness.

And if being supported with affordable 1-1 coaching feels like heaven to you then book your Exploratory Call with Dawn… Places are limited for the coaching packages, and signing up for one of the coaching packages is only available until 30th September


Book Your Exploratory Call Here and Find Out All About The Coaching


Whole-Person Fitness and Health Coaching – Supporting You To Your Physical And Wellbeing Goals.

Radically reveal your greatest depths…