Winding Up To An Autumn Of Racing?

Have you got races coming up over the next few months? And, are you a pretty seasoned racer or are you relatively new to the racing scene? Whichever you are, do you have an aim, do you have a plan and do you have some reliable tools to get yourself there (running pumps and vest side!)?

Personally I’ve got a couple of key races that I’m working towards. And although I’ve got over 2 decades of racing experience tucked into my running shorts, I always get apprehensive in the run-up to a race (oh, the puns!).

And yet over the years I’ve constructed a series of approaches that I rely on to see me through from start line to over the finish…


It’s Time For A Webinar!

Seeing as there’s no point in keeping them to myself, join me for the free webinar on Sunday October 6th at 7pm (UK Time)

5 Mistakes Women Runner’s Make When They’re Racing…

And How To Finish Further Up The Field

Sign up, tell you friends, join me live and bring your Qs along with you for me to A… : ) You won’t want to miss it if you’re winding up to an autumn of racing!

Oh, and why women runners? Well, as I’m a woman, who races against women, I can hardly speak for the chaps can I…?

I’m super excited – can’t wait to see you there!

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