Meredith-Davies Physiotherapy

An holistic physiotherapy approach to achieve powerful, lasting, natural health. Holistic physiotherapy to really get to the bottom of why you’re having the issues that you’re experiencing.


“I have been delighted with the treatment…The results have been immediate and long lasting.” LB, British


Meredith-Davies Physiotherapy

Holistic Physiotherapy

With well over decade of clinical experience, I specialise in relieving painful soft tissue, promoting healing and restoring positive and pain-free movement patterns after injury – be it an injury of ‘everyday life’ or a sporting injury. I have a world of experience dealing with both.

This means understanding the mechanisms that are causing the inadvertent patterns which are causing pain and focusing on treating what is and what isn’t moving and addressing the underlying reason why, to alleviate pain and to assist in creating lasting change.

I aim to understand a picture of what led to your situation and using a very hand-on, but gentle approach, we look together to bringing you out of pain and into a situation where you’re carrying out your usual activities just as before.

Getting to this stage also means understanding and helping to address any mental-emotional issues which may be contributing to the current circumstance, but don’t worry about this, it’s a very organic, respectful and non-intrusive aspect of the work that we do together in the clinic space.

The upshot of integrating all the contributing factors in the healing process, is that learning can arise from the situation, and that the colluding factors are dealt with at source rather than trying to chase around the symptoms.

There are no quick fixes, but there can be swift change that takes place when the issues are dealt with in the appropriate way to the presenting problem.

If you haven’t already, check out the Audio Series to find out more about the foundational ideas about the mind-body interconnection.


What To Expect From An Appointment

To understand how to best help your return to comfort and healing, I like to build a picture. This starts with asking lots of questions, so that I can create a mental map of where you and your body are at the current time.

Then we look at what’s happening physically. There is an active part to this (I ask you to do some movements so that I can see what’s happening with your body and the tissues) and when the consultations are in person, there is then a passive part (I do some movements to you to compare the ‘happy side’ to the less happy side). This all builds up to the physical picture.

The initial appointment is largely focussed around the assessment and how I suggest that we progress going forward.

Your individual set of circumstances lead to your individual set of experiences, and it is this uniqueness which informs how treatment progresses. There is no one-size-fits-all. Holistic treatment in this way takes a little more time in the initial stage, but rapid progress and healing is inevitably the benefit.

I will always feed-back what I’m seeing and the connections that I perceive. Then we explore how to best help free the stuckness that you’re experiencing.

In person, this will invariably include a gentle hands-on treatment, and ‘exercises’ to move the body in freeing ways. And restoring the conditions for the body to heal itself.

Additionally though, don’t underestimate how much exploring the issues online can create powerful shifts if you cannot get to the practice in person.

I always provide simple, easy-to-follow stretches for you to implement and start to move your body back into wellness.

Consultations last approximately 60 minutes and Dawn’s ethos is to get you back up and running (literally or other!) as soon as possible.


“I highly recommend Dawn as a therapist. Dawn has a wealth of knowledge, fantastic approach and will make you feel totally at ease.” GC, British


Booking An Appointment

If you’d like to arrange an appointment, or you would like to chat about whether your situation is appropriate for treatment with me, by all means send me an email to

We all need support and grounded guidance at times to be able to experience the most meaningful and healthy passage through this life.

Please get in touch, pain is a messenger to let you know that something is not working as it could. It’s asking you to take notice.

I hope to be able to help you back to freedom soon.


With warm wishes



Some more warm words from previous clients:

“I have loved the unconventional way that you practice and found our chats really beneficial. The holistic nature of your practice opened my mind to other pressures that contributed to my physiotherapy needs. The way you engaged connected me to stuff that I had learnt about myself and forgotten!” RH, British


“I suffer from chronic mastectomy pain syndrome. Prior to my treatment with Dawn, I had constant pain and discomfort in my ribs below my mastectomy. Also I had pain in and around my axilla, which was also constant. I even had my implant removed after two years to see if that would help, but the pain and discomfort did not cease.

“Since having treatment with Dawn, I am now much more comfortable in all areas, and my husband and I think I am a new woman! Dawn’s treatment is gentle with a clear understanding of my needs.” MA, British


“After 4 months off running with a painful knee, my winter tri season was in doubt. In just a few weeks, Dawn had me running again and my training was back on track.

“Dawn’s holistic approach to (and extensive knowledge of) the body combined with her insights as an athlete mean that she provides a service above and beyond a standard physio. Dawn is also a super nice person and great to chat about all kinds of topics…Many thanks Dawn!” TC, British