Wrapping Up The Decade!

It has probably not escaped your notice that we’re coming to the end of the decade!

I don’t know about you, but it feels to me as if there’s some significant shift on its way as we head into the 2020s. Maybe it’s because there’s been so much marked attention on how unsustainable the way that we’ve generally been living is, that perhaps a shift into a different mode d’emploi seems inevitable… Let’s hope for more and more positive occurrences unfolding.

And I’m pretty excited about the newness of the decade to come! Both on a personal level as well as for the bigger picture…


Wrapping up for Christmas… 

First though, I’m a big believer in wrapping up all that has been, establishing a mindful assessment of what has occurred and how it’s brought us to today, because it’s only from a clear picture of where we are right now, can we start to project forward; to start visioning for future unfoldings and therefore setting intentions.

I think that the process of acknowledging all that’s been achieved is imperative; that celebrating successes, reflecting and consolidating what didn’t go well, and what needs to change, is a part of either growing in confidence in our capabilities, or alternatively letting go of the energetic hold of things that we no longer wish to carry forward.

And from here, we can move forward lighter, attract things towards us with more clarity and intention and we can expand into the spaces to realise our perceived potential into our greatest capacity…

Here are the steps that I’ve been through on my review. I worked chronologically as that appeals to my cerebral structuring and mental order, but once I’d finished things popped back into my mind… I’m a list girl through and through but maybe make mind-maps instead?! There’s never any right or wrong, just guidelines (and a supportive scaffold around a framework!)…

Here’s how I’ve organised my thoughts to set my intentions for the 2020s… : ) By firstly focusing on events –

  1. Writing down all of the key events that have occurred for me during the past decade.


  1. Highlighting which I was proud of and taking a moment in congratulations to acknowledge the achievement, one by one. Not to boost the ego, but to fuel a sense of ‘I can’… ‘I did do this, and so into the future I absolutely can achieve this again or something similar…’ This is from where our confidence builds…


  1. What have I learnt from the events that I was proud of? What were the common threads? What were the things that I’ve done in the last 10 years, that I would never have dreamed that I could achieve this time 10 years ago, or which perhaps were pipe dreams?


What do I wish to take forward with me as energetic soundbites – activities which feel good – into the coming decade? Ie. What feels good that I wish to see more of in the next 10 years?


  1. Noting which were difficult episodes, mentally and emotionally or physically. What was my role in these episodes? What were or are the teachings from these periods and how can I grow, in spite of the events that passed.


  1. Are there stories that I can let go of from the difficult episodes? What’s no longer serving me, what feels heavy to keep holding on to about the challenging stuff? Where can I give thanks for the teachings, forgive myself for my part to play in the situation and take forward as positive and light lessons into 2020?


  1. In summary, where have I grown and so what valuable lessons have I learnt as a result? And if there were things which still need attention, what are the sticking points (in me) which still need work…?


Next up, considering the people in my life by –


  1. Writing down a separate list of all of the people who had been significant during this time, whether their input has been positive or challenging.


  1. Acknowledging and sending gratitude and thanks to those who have fuelled my last decade with positive energy. Spending a moment or two connecting to the essence of these people who have been attracted into my life…and with appreciation. What positive attributes do these people bring out in me (and that I wish to embody more of in the coming years)?


  1. Acknowledging and sending gratitude and thanks to those who have presented challenges to me over the last 10 years. Spending a moment or two connecting to what the challenging times have shown me about myself, give thanks for the lessons. Deliberately and specifically, thanking the person, blessing them on their ongoing journey and let go of them energetically with an air of forgiveness and grace.


  1. Noting how I have grown as a result of these interactions, and how I feel about myself as a result of the current state of each of the relationships.


If you feel good about the relationship, sit for a moment absorbing how warm and rich, uplifting and fuelling that feeling feels. If you don’t feel good about a particular situation with someone, know that there is still work to do within yourself to find peace. Revisit step 9 and see if there is some shift that can occur, before you move into the next phase of your life.


Steps 6 & 10 are super important, since we cannot be free from a difficult episode (or person) if we haven’t reached a place where we’re at peace with the memory or with the person.

And we’re supposed to be free; we’re not supposed to relive it or our interactions on repeat, replaying them over and over, nor endlessly playing the ‘if only’ game… We can only become lighter and more joyful if we have positively and gracefully found ease with difficult chapters of our life and we have to identify what that episode or person arrived or arose to teach us, in order for us to learn from, so that we can move ‘forward’. But this requires processing. Positively acknowledging the positives (and what we wish to take forward with us as a result) as well as bravely addressing all of the discomfort in the challenges, and seeking to assimilate, ‘what was my role in that?’, and ascertaining with what you wish to move forward…and what you wish to let go of.


Forward moving motions

And then you’re ready to look forward powerfully! With a lightness – having purged unwanted and stale energetic holds to past events and people – and with purpose, focus and positive intent.

Here’s how I’ve worked through set my aims for the next phase –

  • From the threads that I’ve identified from the last decade, what do I want to do more of? Which activities light me up, fuel my sense of aliveness and ultimately energise me rather than delete me?

(Even if your entire life cannot be structured around these things – actively and deliberately increasing your connection to pastimes which fuel you will enhance your overall wellbeing and experience of life…)

  • What pipe dreams do I have? Things which I are not currently on my spectrum but which I know I have some connection to…?

It’s not your job to know how you’re going to unfold the things that you’ve listed, but here’s the process for allowing ‘life’ to unfold so that these things will show themselves as opportunities for you to take.

Ways in which to facilitate your desires being realised are to –

  • Visualising yourself doing the activity or being in the locale of choice.
  • Focussing on how you feel doing these things or being in that place – what characteristics does it have? Who else are you sharing it with? What ease is there in the situation…?
  • Spend some time believing that it’s possible…

Remember all of those things which occurred in this last decade that you never knew would unfold, or that you possibly even do!?! This is the fuel for belief; self-belief or faith in the ordering of life and the universe around us…that those things upon which we focus will show themselves for us.

  • Be in your life all that you wish to see happen for you. If you actively carry out your life with a lightness and with heart-filled energetic approach…you’ll see more of this occurring in your life to mirror that back to you…

Your job is simply to keep practising – practising being the very best you can at the thing that means the most to you…practising filling up more of your time and energetic space feeling good; acting in ways which feel good, interacting with people who induce the best version of yourself, doing things which feel light over heavy and energising over depleating…

  • Release the need for such and such to occur. Holding on too tightly restricts the flow. Just like a tourniquet disrupts blood flow and the delivery of the essential elements of life…

You are exactly where you are supposed to be at the time you are supposed to be there…

  • Release your grip on how it will happen – again, this is not your job! You are not in control of how it unfolds…or when, in fact. You’re simply in charge of the things that you are in control of – keeping the flow open, light and optimally restocked…


Extraordinary things

I’m a strong believer that extraordinarily beautiful things will occur when we take time to notice them and that a positive, self-perpetuating cycle will continue to spin when we approach our lives with purposeful, focussed intention, an unequivocal belief that what we desire is possible; that you are unequivocally capable, and that a lightness, leading with heart-energy in all of your interactions and meaningfully carrying out your service towards others and our selves will allow our desires to flow…


Enjoy all of the seasonal shenanigans! I wish you a very warm Christmas, filled with peace and love, wholesome fun and games as well as a jolly exciting New Year fuelled with optimism and joy!

Cheers to a new decade unfolding… : )

With sincere heartfelt thanks and very best wishes,

Dawn & Living Green Health